Genuine Bolognese

Genuine Bolognese

[ June, 2015 ] Because I felt like eating the real Bolognese, we went to Bologna.

We searched internet for a good restaurant with the reputation and found one called Antica Torattoria della Gigina.

It was away from the centre and in the rather shabby suburbs, so I felt apprehensive at first.

But once we entered, we found it a nicely established restaurant.

It seemed that there were many repeaters.

The interior was not exactly stylish, but had an atmosphere that they have been here successfully for a long time.

Apparently it was founded in 1956.

The main thing is foods.

First, we enjoyed various kinds of bread. As for the starter.

we chose their own original set, which was great.

We were told to eat from one side of the plate.

The melon was surprisingly sweet.

Then, the Bolognese of this photo.

Here in its home place, Bolognese is eaten with tagliatelle rather than with spaghetti.

As it is translated as ‘meat saurce’ in Japanese, it had more meat than usual and less tomato.

And it was delicious! Also, I was surprised at their pannacotta.

It was named “bullion pannacotta” and it was really heavy as a bullion.

But it tasted so good that I ate it all.

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