La Mancha

La Mancha

[ Mar.2014 ] On the last day in Toledo, Spain, we wanted to go out of the city, so we visited the tourist office for the advice.

If we had a car, there were about 8 routes which looked interesting and easy to go.

But we did not have a car or time, so we took a taxi and went to Consuegra in La Mancha area, where there were windmills and a castle.

The taxi company has got a tariff for tourist routes, but the driver did not speak English or other languages.

And we could not speak Spanish, which was a real shame.

He could have given us a lot of information.

The view with 12 windmills on the hill was great and we enjoyed taking many photos ( here are other photos) .

The windmill which Don Quixote challenged must have looked like these.

The view around here were flat.

We saw some vineyards and olive fields on the way here.

To enter the castle, it cost 4 euro.

This castle was a fortress of Arabs apparently.

There was a group of children enjoying themselves dressed up in the medieval costumes.