Popular restaurant

Popular restaurant

[ Feb.2015 ] We had lunch in a restaurant called Parlapa in Turin in Italy, which was recommended by our hotel.

When we rang them to book a table, the staff said ” Please come by 12:45, otherwise we cannot promise a table”, which indicated how popular they were.

Surely while we were eating, more and more people came in and waited at the entrance.

Here I ate bull’s throat for the first time.

I have never eaten anything like this.

The texture was very unusual and taste was like some sort of internal organ.

Well, I liked it.

We had a glass of wine and sweet as well and altogether it was about 45 euro for two.

Very reasonable.

The atmosphere in the restaurnat was nice and relaxed, too.

Only thing I did not like was the attitude of the waiter (or the owner?), who was a bit snobbish.