Relaxing restaurant

Relaxing restaurant

[ Feb.2014 ] On the second day of our stay in Trieste, Italy, we went to the seafood restaurant called Al Nuovo Antico Pavone, which we had found in the internet.

The entrance is simple, so much so that at first we thought it was closed.

When we entered, the waiter ushered us to inside cosy old fashioned dining room.

The clientele seemed also old.

Many of them seemed repeaters.

I heard someone asking the waiter “where is your wife today? ” and the waiter was advising a customer ” You would prefer this”.

I chose the fish soup for the starter and for the main, I had mix grilled seafood.

I particularly liked the taste of the soup.

This restaurant is in the street of Riva Grumula.

The taxi driver said that any of the restaurants around here are very good.