Riding the tram No.28 all the way to the last stop

Riding the tram No.28 all the way to the last stop

[Dec. 2021] We boarded tram No.28 from the front of Estrela Basilica in Lisbon, Portugal.

the driver of tram No.28 in Lisbon
the back view of the driver

This area is in the western part of the city and is not a major tourist destination yet, so we got seats.

This tram is famous as a tourist attraction.

The retro car body of the 1930s is cute, and the route includes major tourist destinations such as the Alfama district and Lisbon Cathedral.

For this reason, it is written on every site that pickpockets are rampant, so be careful.

the view seen from tram No.28 in Lisbon
tram No.28 passes famous tourist attractions

I didn’t feel any danger when we were on, though.

Apparently, the reason why the old small car is used for this route is that it is impossible with a large new car body because there are many tight curves, the road width is narrow, and there are many steep slopes.

According to online information, the tram No.28 was opened in 1914.

It runs from 6 am to 11 pm (10:30 on weekends), with intervals of 10 to 15 minutes.

Lisbon Cathedral seen from tram No.28
tram arrived at Lisbon Cathedral

It runs a straight line distance of 7 km over 48 minutes to 1 hour.

It costs € 3  for one ride, so it is a good idea to buy the ticket for unlimited rides on public transportation for € 6.40.

However, this great tickets are only sold at metro stations.

inside tram No.28 in Lisbon
it became empty after all tourists went off

We did not get this great ticket, because our accommodation was far from the metro stations.

Like the funicular we got on the day before, it was difficult to take pictures once I got on the tram, and it was getting crowded so only I could do was looking out of the window, but thanks to this ride, I was able to grasp the rough geography of Lisbon.

The map in the guidebook was for each district, so it was choppy and frustrating because I couldn’t get the whole picture.

a walking person seen from tram No.28 in Lisbon
scene towards the end of our ride

I think the town centre the tram went through was almost the same route as the Tuk Tuk tour we took two years before.

After passing the tourist spot, the tram became vacant rapidly.

Along with that, the scenery of the train window became an ordinary people’s town.

Rather, it seems that we went into an area with a lot of immigrants.

And the end point, Martim Moniz, was a cluttered town.