Stern woman’s restaurant

Stern woman’s restaurant

[ May 2014 ] Bermeo in Spain is a fishing town.

We asked for the information of restaurants at the tourist office.

She recommended Akelorre saying ” grilled fish there is very good”.

The restaurant we finally found seemed like a canteen for laborers.

And a stern woman explained that day’s menu bluntly.

There was not a written menu.

She understood only Spanish (and maybe Basque language), so our communication did not go easy.

When we asked what fish they had, she answered “cod”.

I wanted to ask about the grilled fish, but it was impossible.

So we had the cod, which was fortunately very good.

As for the starter, she served stir-fried green peas and delicious ham.

When she saw that I ate all, she showed her smile first time as if to say “See? It was good, wasn’t it”.

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