I won’t have it again… (Taipei - Taiwan)

I won’t have it again…

[ Dec.2012] One of the famous things in Taiwan is Reflexology.

Our tour took us to one massage parlor.

It was up to us whether we take the treatment or not, but I was curious and wanted to experience it, so I took one course.

And soon I regretted it.

It was either ticklish or very painful.

I could not help myself laughing and screaming.

And my foot went up and up to escape from this ordeal.

Maybe they do not usually have customers like me and my massager was surprised and embarrassed.

The idea is that depending on which part of the foot you feels the pain, they can point out the weak points of your body.

So at the same time of the massage, they were trying to sell Chinese herbal medicines.

Of course they did not come to sell it to me, who kept screaming loudly.

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