The Chic Hotel and the Dinner in Kazbegi

The Chic Hotel and the Dinner in Kazbegi

[ July, 2018 ] In Kazbegi in the north of Georgia, we stayed in the Rooms Hotel.

The village is spread on the gentle slope and this hotel is situated on top of it, so the view was fantastic.

From our room, we could see the Holy Trinity Church surrounded by the clouds.

The interior of the room was designed to look like a mountain hut.

On the reception floor, there were no partitions and, in the huge space, there were book cases and chairs, some of which were made of Kilims, which was stylish.

The breakfast was fine, too.

For me, having visited this village 18 years ago, it was a big surprise.

In those days, there were no hotels and we stayed with a family.

I remember people saying “This house used to be the best in the village, but now it is old” and the electricity supply was temperamental.

In a big room with a parquet floor, there was an upright piano and I remember being impressed by the driver and the guide, who both played the piano very well.

Some pigs were walking around outside of the house.

This time, we did not see any pigs here, but we came across some cows which were walking on the road on our way from the hotel to the restaurant.

We were surprised to see that the first time, but later we saw cows on the roads many times, so we got used to it.

When we were walking down to the centre of the village, I looked around to see if I could recognise the house I had stayed in the last time, but I could not find it, which was a shame.

The restaurant we went to was called Khevi.

Our guide recommended the restaurant next door, called “5047”, but it was full.

In the Khevi restaurant, a group of Chinese tourists were eating.

We did not expect much because this was a small countryside restaurant, but in fact it was not bad at all.

We had a dish of Khachapuri with some beans, sausages and grilled lamb.

The wine we chose was good, too.

Altogether the bill was 67 Lari (£20, €22 or $26).

I do not know why, but one middle-aged female staff member was casting glances at me and I wondered if she was one of the people I met 18 years ago, though I did not find out anything in the end.

By the way, the name of the other restaurant “5047” comes from the height of the Kazbegi Mountain, which is behind the Holy Trinity Church.

We were not lucky with the weather in Kazbegi, but the forecast said that at 6am the next day it would be sunny, so we set the alarm to see the mountain.

We got out of bed at 6 and saw a view, believing that it was the Kazbegi mountain, and went back to bed.

But when we got up properly, we found that another huge mountain was there, a little to the right of the Holy Trinity Church.

The light changed every second and the view changed accordingly.

It could be nice to spend a relaxing day sitting at the balcony of this hotel and see the changes in the view.

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