Back to Niigata Port by ferry


[ Aug.2016 ] After fully enjoying our holiday in Sado Island in Japan, we took a ferry back to Niigata City. There were more things we could have done in Sado, for example, we could…

Sado Island

Large wooden freight shop and tub-turned boat


[ Aug.2016 ] If you go up the slope from the Shukunegi Old Town area in Sado Island in Japan, you will find Ogi Filk Museum. We heard that there was a restored Sengokubune, a…


Extremely small locomotive train


[ Aug.2016 ] While my mother was staying with us in London, our friends invited us for an excursion to Kent, south England. They said ‘you will find something surreal today’ when they came to…


Train journey in Poland


[ Aug.2016 ] We went to Gdansk from Warsaw by train. It departed from the underground platform in Warsaw Central Station. While we were waiting at the platform for the 11:20am train, there was an…


To the market by bus


[ July2016 ] The next day was Saturday. I had searched in advance and found that there would be a market called Kalnciems Fair outside of the old town of the city. It was open from…


Train journey


[ May2016 ] In Slovakia, the place I really really wanted to go was a village called Cicmany. The photos I saw in the internet were so attractive and …




[ Dec.2015 ] There are many hills in Valparaiso in Chile.There are also many 'lifts' to go up and down the hills, too.They call them 'lifts', but in fact they are funiculars.According to our tour…

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