the second restaurant in Looe and the bar in our accommodation

the second restaurant in Looe and the bar in our accommodation

[ July, 2020 ] The second restaurant we had booked in Looe, the seaside town in Cornwall in the south western England was called The Sardine Factory Restaurant.

the sign of the ferry

When we started walking in the morning, we had found this place in the West Looe, same side as our accommodation, so we could go straight without being lost.

On the way, we found that there was a ferry service between West Looe and East Looe.

There is only one bridge over Looe River, which was near our accommodation, Old Bridge House, so when you are near the mouth of the river, you cannot cross the river.

So they are running this ferry.

To cross the river, it cost £1, apparently.

But they can run this service only when there is enough water in the river and as we saw, no water in the river when it was ebb tide.

The ferry may be an attraction for tourists.

Now we were in the restaurant.

The Sardine Factory Restaurant looked new and it was very spacious like a dance studio.

The tables were arranged to keep distances, which made us feel safe.

England-Cornwall-Looe-restaurant-The Sardine Factory-inside-space
the spacious interior of the restaurant

Our table was next to the wall and away from other tables, which was good.

The waitresses wearing face masks were not exactly experienced professionals but looked like part time workers and the menu was not exactly traditional ones but more like fusions.

I chose clams marinated in vinegar for the starter.

This was something you could buy in temporary booths in seaside resorts, but it was nice and simple and very tasty.

My husband had fishcakes.

As for the main dish, I had sardines because ‘today’s fish’ was sardines.

England-Cornwall-Looe-restaurant-The Sardine Factory Restaurant-sardines
my sardines

And of course it was the name of the restaurant.

These sardines were nice and simple, too, though there was not any extra which was special for this restaurant.

My husband chose Fish & Chips, the popular British food.

Again, this was not bad, but the ones he had eaten in Bath or in Devon in the past were better apparently.

We had French Fry for the side dish and the second helping, too, so we did not have any desserts.

With a bottle of wine, the bill was less than £70, which was reasonable.

England-Cornwall-Looe-Old Bridge House-bar
the bar of the accommodation

We strolled back to our hotel and before going up to our room, we went to the small bar at the end of the downstairs spaces.

No one was attending here.

The customers drink whatever they want themselves and write down what they had on the form on the counter, which was an easy going system.

I like this kind of systems which believe in people’s good nature and I would not cheat here.

I do not know everyone feels the same and if anyone cheats here.

I had a glass of Port wine and my husband had 2 glasses of Scotch whisky.

Actually there were many kinds of whisky here.

England-Cornwall-Looe-night view
the night view seen from our window

Probably the owner has a special fondness for whisky.

When we checked out, we paid for the drinks and the whisky was the most expensive ones, which was about £6 per glass.

Anyway, we went up to our room slightly drunk.

We could see the lovely night view of Looe from our window.