Well-known Stonehenge

Well-known Stonehenge

[January, 2012] Our main purpose of joining the one day bus tour from London was to visit Stonehenge.

It takes time and money to get here on your own using the public transport.

There is a parking and the entrance at the opposite side of the road and you go through a tunnel to get to the actual site.

But you cannot touch the stones because of the rope for people to walk around, although there seems a special tour to get to the stone on the limited time and number of people basis.

I learned that those stones had come from south Wales, about 300 km away and it took 1000 years to build Stonehenge.

They still do not know what this is for, which draw people’s interests.

There are a lot of stone circles in Europe, but thinking about it, it is mysterious that people all those years ago thought the same kind of things separately.