Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony

[ June, 2014 ] We were invited to attend a university graduation in Milan, Italy.

I was expecting a ceremony with many students in a big hall and the president ‘s speech, but it was totally different.

The family and friends met in front of the university and went in together.

One said “here it is”, which was an ordinery class room.

When Davide, the graduating boy was called, we all went into the room.

In front on the platform there were 8 professors.

Davide sat in front of them and we sat behind him like audiences.

Then Davide started expaining his dissertation and then the questions and answers followed.

After about a half an hour, it finished and we had to get out of the room and wait.

During this time, professors discuss and decide the evalation.

After a while, we were invited to enter the room.

The professors were all standing and told Davide the result.

Davide shook hands with every professor as you can see from the photo.

Apparently, the professor’s standing meant that he got the highest mark.

After that, we went to a garden of the university and had a drink and chatted for a while.

At night we went to a restaurant for the celebration.

So there is no “ceremony” which I had imagined at all.

By the way, the buildings of the university was gorgeous enough to be a tourist attraction.