Adda river

Adda river

[ June, 2014 ] We had an excursion to a riverside town called Trezzo sull’Adda, about 30 minutes away by car from Milan.

The name of the river is Adda.

It starts from Alps and flows through Como lake and merges with Po river.

There was a pleasure boat so we took it.

There used to be a cotton factory nearby and the owner made a hydroelectric power plant to supply electricity to the factory.

They made this part of the river a dam, so a few houses on the sandbank were now on th eriverbed.

When we saw a tree with the new green, the boatman explained that it was not a tree, but a branch from a big tree which sank in the river.

There was no spectacular things to see, but the scenery with the green river was beautiful and we spent a pleasant hour.