Anti-Government Demonstration

Anti-Government Demonstration

[ Aug.2015 ] We went to Saxony in Germany for the first time.

We stayed in Dresden and visited the surrounding places.

We arrived at the main station in the city after changing flights and taking a train from the airport.

Stepping out of the station, we were surprised to see a large-scale demonstration, which reminded me of the news on the day before saying “some demonstrations were planned in the middle of Germany by people who are against the German immigration policy”.

So this was it.

They were protesting the German government, which decided to accept a great number of Syrian immigrants.

Those with the red and black flags could be so called neo-nazi members.

However, the people in the march were not only those extremists but ordinary looking families with children, too.

We went to the old town by taxi and saw many policemen standing around.

We did not hear any troubles after that, but I really think the immigration problem is a very difficult challenge for European countries.

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