Buy a pair of boots

Buy a pair of boots

[ Feb.

2014 ] When we walked around the newer part of Trieste, I noticed a pair of green boots in a shop window.

It happened to be the last stage of winter sale.

At first I thought it would be very cumbersome to carry the boots, but the shopping during the trip is “a once in a lifetime chance” which is my motto.

If they have my size, it means that the boots were waiting for me.

So we went in.

The shop was an old looking one.

There were very few shoes exhibited inside the shop, but there were a row of chairs instead.

The customers point out the shoes in the window to the shop assistants who will bring the right size from the storage.

Customers try them on and decide.

The shop was very crowded and most of the chairs were taken.

Just as I hoped, the boots were just right on me and I was very happy.

The shop’s name was Calzature Rosini and people called the elderly man working there ‘Signor Rosini’.