Travel by Train

Travel by Train

[ July, 2015 ] The hotel staff member in Roccella Jonica in southern Italy said “This area is forgotten. You will see that if you see the train around here”.

We took that train and what he said was true.

It was a single track line and the train had only one car with a diesel engine.

The worker at the station proudly said “Because it is an old diesel car, it is strong and does not break. Also the air conditioner works nearly all the time”.

But unfortunately, the air-con was not working on the way.

It took about one and a half hours by this train to get to Reggio di Calabria and we changed trains.

This time, it was a modern ordinary train.

On the way back, after being worried because of the delay and the lack of information, we took the last train, which left Reggio di Calabria at around 6pm.

This time the problem was the passengers, who were coarse.

A group of men and a big family with many children did not pay their fare and they did not follow what the conductor said.

The atmosphere on the train was horrible, and when we arrived at our station finally, I felt really relieved.