2013 ] This is not about the famous painter, Caravaggio.

The painter apparently spent some time of his early days here, but the town of Caravaggio had been there before him.

The famous thing here is another church which was built because of someone saw Virgin Mary.

It is called Santuario Santa Maria del Fonte Caravaggio.

According to the leaflet I got there, Virgin Mary appeared in front of a 32 year old farmer at 5 pm of 26th May in 1432 and told her ” My almighty Son would have destroyed this land because of mankind’s iniquity, but I implored mercy from my Son for their sins for seven years.

Tell everyone to fast on bread and water every Friday in recognition of many bestowals obtained from my Son for my intercession”.

And the spring rose where Mary appeared and the water did some milracles like curing some illness and so on.

I was there in the summer holiday time of mid August and the vast site was nearly empty, but I saw a photo of this place being jammed with people when the late Pope visited here.

It seems that usually women see Virgin Mary and it often happens in May, doesn’t it.