Vigorous singing

Vigorous singing

[ Aug.

2013 ] We had a bit of time to get to the last destination, so we popped in to a town called Clusone in the north Italian mountains.

The flat land was very quiet as most of the people were away for summer holiday, but here, only one hour or so away by car, was very lively with a lot of peple who were spending their holiday in the mountain.

The townhall was very nice with full of frescos.

On top of that, a chorus group-8 women and 1 man for guitar-was performing, wearing the local costumes.

The songs were very cheerful.

The listeners were smiling, too.

I felt very lucky to have come across this town.

Apparently, there is an oratory with some famous frescos in this town, which I did not notice this time.

I’d like to visit there again.