Rocks (Dartmoor - England)


[ May, 2015 ] There are big rocks scattered around in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, south west England.

The view is very wild.

Those rocks are apparently granites.

We saw some scenes with hills on top of which there were rocks sitting as if they were castles.

These hills are called ‘tors’ and each tor has got a name.

There are as many as 305 tors in Dartmoor and we visited two of them.

When we went up the hill and looked up the rocks, they were powerful.

The country view from the top was lovely.

Some people climbed up the rocks, but because of the rain, I thought  I could slip and get injured, so I did not climbe this time.

In fact there seemed some incidents here as we saw a bunch of flowers placed on one rock.

The local people use these places for walking their dogs.

The dogs were happily running about.

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