What we Ate at EXPO

What we Ate at EXPO

[ Sept.2015 ] I was looking forward to eating at the EXPO in Milan, because the theme of EXPO was food.

However,  it was not easy as there were so many people there.

The reputation of the restaurant in the Russian pavilion was good on the internet, so we went there for an early lunch.

To be honest, the food itself, such as Beef Stroganoff and Russian Salad, and the service were nothing special.

The atmosphere was nice.

The space organised to look like interior of the train of the Trans-Siberian Railway as you can see in the photo.

We could see the Siberian view from the windows, which I imagine looks like the real landscape you can see from the train.

I used to long to travel on Trans-Siberian Railway.

It has become a not so realistic dream, as I do not have time for the long journey.

As for this restaurant, I wish they showed the real view from Moscow to Vladivostok.

The video of the view repeated many times while we were there, which made me bored in the end.

We stayed at the EXPO from the morning to the evening, so we had a snack , too.

Because we’ve just been to Germany, that felt familiar, so we went to the German pavilion to eat sausage and beer.

We did not get in to the main part of the pavilion, because they said that the waiting time to get in was about 1 hour.