Famous People Born in Gdansk

Famous People Born in Gdansk

[ Oct.2015 ] The walking tour in Gdansk in Poland went on in the rain.

We learned various things during the tour, including some rather silly things such as the green which was made by filling in a gap where a drunk English tourist fell in.

One of the things we learned about was the famous people who were born in this town.

One is Fahrenheit.

He contrived the Fahrenheit thermometer, though it seems to be used only in America now.

Also, a philosopher, Schopenhauer, was born here.

According to Magda, our guide, he was an eccentric pessimist.

One time, he pushed a woman from a staircase just because her voice was too loud.

These two people were recorded as German.

Fahrenheit was born at the end of the 17th century and Schopenhauer was born at the end of 18th century and, in those days, Gdansk was Danzig.

Although the Kingdom of Poland was ruling here, it seems that many of the population were German.

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