Cake in Andalucia

[December, 2010] On the way from Granada to Ubeda by bus, we stopped at a place called Jaen for 20 minutes. We went out to the town and found a small market. Here we found…


A Lesson about Tapas

[December, 2010] This photo was taken in Cordoba and it is a tapa of prawn, which was very good. But before that I asked for the set of tapas, which was not that great with…


Wonderful Lunch at Manarola

[December, 2010] I was going to go to the another town in Cinque Terre before lunch, but because the train was limited, I had to spend more time in Manarola.But that was absolute fortunate! I…


Two panna cotta

[November, 2010] I love panna cotta.I first tasted it long time ago when I asked for a cream caramel in a restaurant in Firenze which they did not have and instead persuaded me to try…


The Seafoods in Oban were excellent!

[August, 2010] I stayed two nights in a large house with a very good view of the sea in Oban in Highland in Scotland.As you can see, there is a Colosseum-like monument on the hill…


Japanese food on the New Year

[January, 2010] I like Japanese food.This photo shows a part of the New Year's dinner at home.It is so colourful! In Japan it is important how to present food as well as the taste.


A fine evening in Montepulciano

[July, 2010] I did not get tired of walking in this pretty town of Montepulciano, Tuscany, but it is getting dark and had to find a dinner place. We really needed a light supper, but…