Former Jewish Quater

Former Jewish Quater

[ Mar.2014 ] The south west part of Toledo in Spain was former Jewish Quater.

In the past, there were 11 synagogues, but now there seemed only two left.

We went in one of them called Sinagoga del Transito built in 1355.

The main room is rectangular empty room, but the decoration of the ceiling and walls were gorgeous.

On the first floor which used to be the space for women, there were displays of Safardi Jews’ artefact, like their traditional costumes.

In the garden there were tombstones inscribed in Hebrew.

The Spanish Jews were either expelled or forced to convert as well as Islamic people, when Reconquista, the movement by the Christian Kingdom to regain power in Spain from Islamic Kingdoms, accomplished in 1492.

Most of the Jewish people moved out of the country.

That happened so long ago, but it is still called Jewish Quater, which is amazing to me.

By the way, Spanish government apparently encourage those Jews who were expelled in the 15th century to come back now.

When they expelled Jewish people, they robbed their money, so people say that the main purpose of calling the them back now may be again for their money.