[ May, 2014 ] Everywhere in Basque country in Spain, you would notice Pintxos, their special food.

It is like an elaborate version of canape.

They use bread instead of crackers and on top of that they put various kinds of foods.

I saw them everywhere at any time.

They put them on a bar from early in the morning to late at night.

I think it is a very good custom.

In Europe, the restaurants often open only certain times, and if you miss that, the foods you can eat are not nice at all.

We could eat Pintxos anytime, and they were always very good.

On top of that, because they are on a bar, you can point out the ones you want even though you do not understand their language.

But sometimes it is dangerous.

One time, I cut a big piece and put it into my mouth and found it was extremely hot.

My mouth was burning for a while.

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