Relaxed at the promenade along the sea

Relaxed at the promenade along the sea

[Sept, 2022] On this day,  we decided to go outside the old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

inside the bus to Lapad, outside of the old town of Dubrovnik
to Lapad by bus

In our initial vague plan, because we were staying in Dubrovnik for 4 nights, we thought we would like to go to some nearby island as a day trip, but the weather forecast was so bad that we gave it up.

However, the weather on the 3rd and 4th days was very good.

So we decided to go to the beach outside the old town instead.

Destination is Lapad, about 3 km northwest of the old town.

We could have walked, but we took the bus.

With our Dubrovnik Pass, we could ride the bus for free.

the walkway towards the sea in Lapad, near Dubrovnik
on the way to the seaside

However, it was not enough to just show the pass, and it was necessary to get a bus ticket at the window near the tourist information centre.

That was no problem, but when we asked how to get to Lapad, she said, “Take bus number 6 or 4 and get off at the biggest bus stop.”

So we got on the number 6 bus, thinking that we didn’t really understand where to get off.

On the way, we saw a place that looked like a port, but instead of getting off there, we got off where most people got off.

And when we went in the direction everyone was going, there was a sign for Sunset Beach.

the beach and a boat in Lapad, near Dubrovnik
some people were swimming

There was a promenade, and it really had a resort-like atmosphere.

There are many large hotels in this area, and many people seemed to be staying here, not in the old town.

When we were walking, even though it was still in the morning, we found a restaurant with an old lady who was enthusiastically touting customers.

She showed us the lunch menu, and she put a lot of effort into it.

That reminded me of the restaurant in Tenerife.

We decided to stop by here on our way back and proceeded to the seaside promenade.

beautiful clean water of the sea in Lapad near Dubrovnik
many fish in this puddle

The sea shines beautifully while the sun shines brightly.

We saw many fish in the puddle on the way.

On the beach, we could see some people in the sea.

It’s true that all resort areas are similar and you can’t feel the characteristics of the place, but it’s very nice and relaxing.

a glass of spritz at the seaside of Lapad near Dubrovnik
the quality time we had with spritz

There was a cafe at the end of the promenade and although we thought it would be very expensive, we decided to have a glass of spritz.

In fact, this spritz was not as expensive as the old town, about 10 euros.

Over here, there were not many people around and it was nice and quiet.

Sitting there with lovely sea view, having my favourite drink with my husband, that was exactly the quality time.

After enjoying the scenery, the air and the sunshine, we headed back the way we came.

On the way back, we had lunch at the aforementioned lady’s restaurant.

I was impressed with the lady’s hard work, but the food was basic.

a cat in Lapad near Dubrovnik
staring cat

The tuna steak I chose had a strong taste and was delicious, but my husband’s dish which was called chicken & gorgonzola didn’t taste like gorgonzola at all, it was just a cream sauce.

Also, the cat that came to our table stared at us, which made me feel uncomfortable.