Street performer

Street performer

[ July, 2014 ] Our room in Zadar in Croatia was facing Narodni Square.

There was one street performer in this square who performed in the morning and in the evening everyday.

He carried a large drum and symbals on his back and operated them by feet.

He also played harmonica and guitar and sang mainly country and western songs.

He seemed an American.

It was interesting to see that the reactions of audiences were different between morning and evening.

In the morning, there were not many audiences and some people totally ignored him walking through his equipments, but some put notes in his money box.

On the other hand, in the evening, he had many audiences but only coins were thrown in.

However, in the evening, some bought his CDs which never be sold in the morning.

He lives and keeps performing considering these elements.

He looked about mid 40s.

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