Fashionable shops, too

Fashionable shops, too

[Dec.2012] In the beautiful village of Verezzi in Liguria, Italy, there are fasionable shops.

The first one I went in was selling pretty small items from Asia including Japan.The owner is a chatty Greek and he was saying that because of the recent recession, only good shops survived.

Here I bought a brooch from Philippine and a scarf from India.

You many say why you have to get these in the Italian countryside, but the price was reasonable and the shopping on holiday is always ‘ a once in a lifetime chance’, isn’t it.

The next shop was a select shop which sells only Italian clothes and accessories, but with a bit unusual design.

I bought a bag whise shape can be changed by putting on some hooks, and a unusual skirt.

The shop owner was a very good sales woman, like a lot others in Italy, who was very good at advising casually.