The Trulli town, Alberobello (Apulia - Italy)

The Trulli town, Alberobello

[Mar.2013] This Easter, I had a holiday in Puglia, south Italy with my family.

The first destination was the famous Alberobello.

There are about 1500 Trullo houses (Trulli in plural) here and the view is a real spectacle.

You cannot help raising your voice.

It was the second time for me, but still I got excited seeing the fairly tale like view.

But the reason why they build this kind of houses in 17th century is very realistic and far from any fairy tales.

These houses are made of limestones, but stones are not fixed firmly by cement, which meansthat they are relatively easy to dismantle.

So whenever the taxmen came to inspect, they quickly dismantle their houses and later rebuild them.

Isn’t it very Italian that the reason was to evade taxes?…well, sorry Italians 🙂

Trulli are dotted around the countryside outside of Alberobello, too.

The view of old Trulli in the olive field is so beautiful that I wanted to be there longer.

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