at an outside table (Warsaw - Poland)

at an outside table

[ Aug.2016 ] The first restaurant we went in Warsaw was Restaurancja Portretowa in the old town.

I was looking forward to looking at the interior which used be a brewery with more than 300 years’ history according to the website, but apparently it was too hot inside and we were taken to the outside table.

Our table was just behind the statue which was raising the sword.

I checked afterwards and found that the man of this statue is called Jan Kilinski who was a commander of Warsaw uprising at the end of the 18th century.Poland, Warsaw - statue, Aug.2016

First we ordered Polish dumplings (Pierogi) to share.

The pleasant waitress recommended them as the typical Polish dish.

She said “We always eat Pierogi at Christmas”.Poland, Warsaw - Portretowa restaurant, Pierogi, Aug.2016

I chose venison stew as the main. It was rich.

We found a Polish wine in the menu, so ventured it.

Well, it was not so good, to be honest. Poland, Warsaw - Portretowa restaurant, Polish wine, Aug.2016

At the end of the meal, we had a glass of cherry vodka.

The waitress brought us the second glass, too.

This was very good and easy to drink, so very dangerous. In Poland you should drink vodka, not wine.

By the way, we took a taxi to get to this restaurant.

Because I sat at the passenger seat, I tried to fasten the seat belt.

The driver, a very fat man with the typical Slavic face, gestured me “You do not need that”.

This kind of thing shows the national character, doesn’t it.

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