Ravioli festival

Ravioli festival

[ Aug.

2013 ] The last destination of our short trip in the north Italy was Rovetta.

We had leaned online that they were holding Bertu Festival on this day (17th August).

Bertu is a kind of ravioli which has cotechino (a kind of salami) inside–I had heard as much as that.

When we arrived, there were rows of tables and benches in the main street.

They said it would start after 7pm, so we went to a cafe to spend time.

And when we got out, I was surprised that so many people were already there.

Some were already eating, but most of them were queuing to buy a number ticket.

My number was 376.

After buying the ticket, secured a space at the table and waited for some time more.

The number being called out were getting nearer to mine, and my expectation rose.

Finally I got a plate.

The skin of the ravioli was thick as it was handmade and the cotechino was heavy, so it was a hard work to finish the 7 on the plate.

The taste was good, though.

One plate was 6 euro and the drink was 1 euro each.

It was a very interesting experience!

By the day, Bertu means a large ear in their dialect around here.

it means donkey's ear.

This dish was offered to Virgin Mary to say thank you when a lot of soldiers came back alive from the battle of Lepanto against Turks on the 7th October, 1571.