Second house in the mountain

Second house in the mountain

[ Aug.

2013 ] I visited my friends’ second house in the mountain.

The place is called Sant’Omoboro Terme which is famous for its its hot springs.

It takes a bit more than 1 hour by car from Milan.

The cities are all deserted in this season in mid August and most of the shops are closed, but here it was lively as a lot of people spend their holiday.

We went up to the top of a mountain with the hight of 1200m.

There were many people wearing swimming costume and lying around a pond.

Even in the mountain, the sun bathing seems the main thing to do for holiday for Italians.

The local goat cheese and donkey salami were sold on the car boot there.

On the way back, I had a local boar dish, which was good.

By the way, having the second house does not seem unusual in Italy.

This family is a sort of average household with working couple and three children.

They said many of their friends and colleagues have the second house in the mountains or on the lakes.