Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

[ Aug.2015 ] Before coming to Germany, we looked at the weather forecast, which said that the first three days would be hot and sunny and then it would become cloudy and cold.

I prepared my clothes accordingly, but in fact, on the fourth day it was still hot and sunny.

So, I bought a T-shirt in Dresden.

I wanted something special and chose the one with a traffic light figure in this town.

I have seen these pretty figures in Berlin before, and bought some souvenirs, too.

This figure is called Ampelman and was apparently designed by a psychologist in 1961.

It started being used in 1969 in Berlin and then spread to many cities in then East Germany.

After East and West Germany united, the traffic lights were to change to the Western design, but the fans of Ampelman stopped that.

Now, some of the towns of former West Germany use it, too.

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