The First Hotel in Seville

The First Hotel in Seville

[December, 2010] The first hotel in Seville was called Vincci La Rabida.

As soon as I enter the hall, I remembered the hotel in Trinidad in Cuba, maybe because of the lounge in well-hole style.

Well, I suppose the one in Cuba was like Spanish one…

It was a nice hotel, but funny thing was that I had a same experience as 6 days ago–the air condition in the room was not working properly and I had to call someone in the middle of the night.

He could not do anything and I had to move to the better room with free breakfast.

If you can read 'My disastrous journey from Milan to London/part 1', you can see that I already had this experience.

But I want to emphasise that the feeling of this Spanish hotel was much better and the people were better, too.