[ Nov.

2013 ] When I told my Italian friend that I was going to #Rome, she said ” Are you going to meet #Pope?”.

I thought it was a joke, but she told me that he appears and talks to people in the square every Sunday at 12:00.

The current Pope Francesco seems to be making huge efforts for the restructuring of Vatican and I like him, so in spite of the rain, we wore the 5 euro poncho and joined the massive crowd in the St.Peters Square in Vatican.

I was imagining that he would appear at the front around the St.Peter’s Basilica, but in fact he came to one of the windows in the building on the right.

It was so high that I could just about see that he was the real one.

There were four big screens to show him, like some concerts.

The topic on the day was about the world after death.

He also gave offered his condolences to people in Philippine who suffered from the tyhoon.

And he mentioned about Kristallnacht in 1938, and said ” Jewish people are the closest friends of Christians”.

Altogether it took probably less than 30 minutes, and in the end he said ” Have a nice lunch” in a friendly manner.

I saw some people were crying, being moved so much.

Even I felt moved, too.

By the way, according to the Italian friend, they say in Italy, if you come across Pope without any planning, you get pregnant.

Awesome, isn’t it!