taking a boat in Oslo

taking a boat in Oslo

[ May, 2019 ] Coming back from the walking tour on the river where they redeveloped well to the port area in Oslo, Norway, we found that this area has been redeveloped as well and there were many modern buildings and objets d’art.

Norway-Oslo-Aker Brygge-mural
the mural in Aker Brygge

We did not intentionally come to this part of the waterfront, but the place we got off the bus was the area called Aker Brygge.

This place used to be the hub of ship making, but that industry died down in 1980s and after that the redevelopment started.

We walked around looking at the modern buildings and I was remembering Bristol in England which was a little similar.

Then we came back to the original port area.

Our purpose was to join the Fjord Ferry Tour.

This tour is run regularly between end of June and end of September, but we had read that they do it at weekends in May, too, so we went and asked about it.

Yes, they were running it on the day, though the tour started at 7 pm rather than 6 pm we had expected.

Again our Oslo Pass worked here, too and we got 15% discount.

Norway-Oslo-fjord-island-one house-passengers
an island with only one house

After the discount, the fee was 396 krone (£37, €41, $45).

We had a time, so we sat on the bench in the park nearby.

This time in Oslo, we were lucky that the bad weather forecast was wrong and sitting under the sun, it was too hot.

Even so, when the sun was going down, it was becoming chilly.

When we went to the pier to get on the ferry before 7 pm, we found that the boat was an open-air sail boat.

I was worried that it would be very cold while sailing, but they had the blankets for us to use and in the end, it was not as cold as I had worried.

houses on the shore

That was fine, but they did not give us any information about the places, which we had expected.

So the boat just went quietly on the surface of quiet fjord.

We were taken over by a huge cruise ship at one point and we went by a tiny island which has one house only.

On the shore we could see many nice houses which could be the second houses of rich people and among them there was even a house with a water plane.

After a while, they served the boiled shrimp and that was the highlight of the tour.

our shrimp meal

They served them downstairs of the boat where there were tables with buckets full of shrimps.

We simply eat them with some pieces of bread as much as we wanted.

A very simple meal, but it was nice.

The shrimps were with roe.

People went up with the foods and ate there, looking at the scenery, but we stayed downstairs as it was more relaxing.

They were selling drinks and the glass of white wine was about £7 (€7.65, $8.50).

After eating, we went back up and found many sea gulls flying around us.

a house in the forest

Probably they have thrown the shells of shrimps.

It was gradually getting darker and watching the view from the boat, I was remembering our river cruise in Russia and the boat trip from Porvoo in Finland.

Roughly they are the same area on the earth, aren’t they.

We came back to the Oslo port at around 10 pm.

It was not completely dark, yet.

Going back to the hotel, we were very satisfied spending the very full day.