Attendance (Crimea - Ukraine)


[ July, 2013 ] This photo is in Livadia Palace where the famous Yalta Conference was held.

These people are the attendance and the second person from Stalin is Gromyko.

It is a familiar name for those who knew Soviet era.

He kept the important positions including Minister of Foreign Affairs from the time of Staln until the last General Secretary, Gorbachev without being disgraced or liquidated.

I did not know that until Svetlana, the guide explained it showing this photo.

Apparently, he retired in 1989 and soon after he died.

So his whole life was dedicated to running USSR.

I saw the round table of the Conference.

Here they drew the lines of European map after the WW2 and in the other room they agreed on Soviet’s entering the war against Japan, too.

According to Svetlana, USSR did not know about US’s atomic bomb at the time of the meeting in February 1945.

The US president Roosevelt was already very ill then, so he stayed in this palace.

The furniture for him was sent from a hotel in Moscow.

He always stood in between Stalin and Churchill, because these two disliked each other.

Also the interesting thing was that there are not an official photo of the three left and that may be because Stalin did not like the way he looked in the photo.

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