walk at night

walk at night

[ Jan.2017 ] On the second day of our stay in Cartagena in Colombia, we went out to walk in the town at night.

We wanted to see the people dancing salsa in the particular square which we learned from our guide earlier on the day, but when we went there people were only eating and drinking and nobody was dancing, maybe because we were too early or because it was still at the beginning of the New Year.

That was a shame…

But the Christmas lights were very beautiful and I took many photos.

Then I noticed a sign for manicures.

The manicure I applied before this holiday started peeling, so I decided to do it here.

The shop was not facing the main street and we had to go into a narrow alley, which looked a bit eerie.

Then a man came out from nowhere, so I just said “manicure?”, then he took us even further down the alley to one shop.

It was a normal beauty shop which did hair dressing as well.

The process of manicuring was almost the same as all other places I have been, but one different thing was that they had everything in one box and looked rather messy.

Every time she needed something, she had to look for it in the box before continuing the work.

Only if she had arranged things well on a shelf, it would have given a much better impression .

Looking at that, at one point I started worrying about the hygiene slightly, but in the end there were no problems.

And the colour was good.

The fee for the service was 20,000 COP ( about 5.60 pounds or 6.60 euros ).

After that, we felt hungry and went into a decorative restaurant.

We did not know it was an Argentinian steak restaurant until we sat down at the table.

I do not know if the meat came from Argentina, but it was very good and the wine was very good, too.

We were very satisfied and walked back to the hotel.

It was the town with a holiday atmosphere and you could walk in the dark without getting nervous at all, not like Medellin.