A couple from Salerno

A couple from Salerno

[ July, 2014 ] Our tour to Plitvice National Park in Croatia was made up of 12 people, of which 7 were Italians.

Among them, there was a middle aged couple from Salerno, south Italy.

They were merry people and talking loudly as soon as we all got on the bus.

During the tour in the park, there was a point to visit the cave of this photo.

The problem was that Daniella, our guide did not instruct us clearly, so this couple and we went up and up the stairs at the bottom of the cave.

When we arrived on top, we waited for other people, but no one came.

We decided to go down back, but the couple said “No, we came all the way up here, we do not want to go back” and sat on the bench.

On the way back down, we met Daniella who came to find us, so we told her about it.

She cursed in her mother tongue, and ran to find them, but in the end she did not find them.

We went on the tour without the couple and arrived at the Parking A, where we got on the bus.

Surprisingly, the wife of the couple were there and said the husband had gone looking for us.

It took a while to get in touch with him as the mobile signal was weak in the nature, but finally he came back, sweatting a lot.

This orange Tshirts man, I will never forget.

This insident made me think that we have to get the information about the last place and timing beforehand as well as the guide’s mobile number.

We do not get lost intentionally like them, but it is possible to stray from the group.