[ Feb.2016 ] This is a photo of Bicerin, a warm drink born in Turin in Italy.

It is made of layers of Espresso, chocolate and milk and served in a small glass.

In fact, Bicerin means ‘small glass’ in the dialect of this region.

There were many cafes with the notice, ‘We have Bicerin’ in the city, but this time we went to the original one called Caffe al Bicerin, which has a long history since 1763.

The current building is the one rebuilt in the 18th century.

It was a small cafe.

When we entered, we noticed the counter at the end of the room and there were small marble round tables on the both side.

Every table had a candle.

The wooden wall and mirrors were creating a quaint atmosphere.

The drink itself was nice, too.

Three elements were nicely mixed and it was not too sweet.

It is a famous shop, so there were some tourists, but also some local people came in just to have a quick drink.

The manager was a woman and apparently that is the tradition of this cafe.

The founder was a man, but soon it was known as a shop which was run by women.

And because of that, women came to drink here which was not a common custom in the early days.

Also it was known as a place where both ordinary people and aristocrats had the drink together.