Manicure and massage

Manicure and massage

[ Jan.2015 ] On the last day in Vietnam, we went back to Hoi An by shuttle bus.

The early part of our holiday it was a little cold, but the latter half was as hot as summer.

It was humid and hot on the last day, too.

Our guide, Mr.

Son told us the day before that the weather was abnormal.

They usually have around 15 typhoons, but they had only 5 this year.

We went to the street where there were many ‘spas’, which we learned from the receptionist of our hotel.

We went into a shop called Palmarosa, which we felt easy to enter.

I had my nails and toes painted and my husband had a massage.

It was nice to have been fussed by gentle people in a comfortable space.

The fee was reasonable.

Altogether it was 460000 dong (about 14 pounds or 20 euros).