The city of Da Nang

The city of Da Nang

[ Jan.2015 ] Da Nang in Vietnam is still developing as a tourist destination.

It is a town where ordinary people are living, not like Hoi An where it is more orientated to tourists.

There are some things to see in Da Nang, but the city is big and not easy to move around to see them.

This photo is Dragon Bridge, which was completed only in 2013.

I did not see it, but apparently at night in weekends, the dragon emits fire and water.

There is a large big wheel, too.

This one used to be in Ohtsu city in Shiga prefecture in Japan for about 10 years from 1992.

It used to be called “Egos108” but now in Da Nang it is “Sun Wheel”.

I lived in Shiga in the past for a while, so I saw the same big wheel twice in different places, which is an interesting chance.

According to Mr.Hai, our guide, Da Nang is called “Singapore in Vietnam” because it is famous for its cleanness.

There were not so many tall buildings but two were outstanding.

One was Novotel, a hotel and the other was the city hall. Apparently this new city hall is the tallest one in the city.

Mr.Hai did not seem happy about it, saying  ” It is a luxury, a waste of our tax.”