Concentration camp

Concentration camp

[ Feb.

2014 ] In Trieste, there was a Nazi concentration camp.

This was the only one in Italy with the crematory.

It is called Risiera di San Sabba and it was originally a rice threshing factory.

Naturally it is far from the centre of the town.

Trieste became a part of Italy from Austria in 1918, but after Italy surrendered to the Allies in 1943, it was occupied by Germans.

And in 1944, they made this camp.

The crematory means that they killed people here.

Apparently more than 3000 people were killed here.

We did not have much time to look around because our taxi was waiting, but we heard the recording message of a survivor in the museum saying “when the inmates were called for the investigation, they never came back”.

As you can see from the photo, to enter the museum, you have to walk this narrow corridor with high walls.

Very oppressive feeling.

The reason why we went all the way there was that because I was reading the book “The Kindly Ones” whose main character is SS officer, and I felt familiar about this issue.

In this book there is an SS officer called Globocnik who was born in Trieste.

He feathered his nest too much in Lublin camp in Poland, so he was reshuffled and became the supervisor of this camp.

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