Eat standing

Eat standing

[ Mar.2014 ] We went to the tapas bar which the staff in our hotel in Toledo, Spain recommended, but it was so crowded that the beginners like us could not enter.

So we walked a bit more and found one, which is a little less crowded, called La Tabernita.

We chose four tapas and wine from Spanish only menu, all of which were very good, though we could not tell which was which.

When we were eating the one that we thought was Tortilla, the man in the counter called out to us ” your tortilla is ready!”, which made us laugh.

Because the foods were very good, we went back there next day and the staff treated us as regulars.

As some crowded pub in the UK, it is difficult to make an order here, too.

The men eating at the counter never moved even one millimetre, when other people approached from behind.

I noticed a sign saying “maximum 50 people”.

So many countries, so many customs— In the UK people drink standing, in Italy they eat breakfast standing and in Spain they eat standing for lunch and for dinner.

In Japan we eat soba noodles standing.