the sunset at Fusaki Beach

the sunset at Fusaki Beach

[ Apr.2017 ] After coming back from Taketomi Island to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, Japan, we went into a sushi restaurant on the way from the port to the hotel.

In fact we went there the day before, too and the name of the restaurant is “Sabani Boat”.

Sabani is apparently the traditional fishing boat which has been used in this region for a very long time and actually we saw it in an open air museum later.

The day before we ate rice bowl topped with seafood, and on this visit we had a Carpaccio of the fish caught in the nearby sea, the grilled firefly squids and the assorted sushi.

The squid was the best.

As I said we went to this restaurant twice, but one problem there is that the staff was not so friendly, though the location was very convenient.

We were planning to rest at our hotel for a while, but because the weather was nice and hot, we decided to go to the sea.

Because our guide book described it as ‘the playground for grown ups’, we chose Fusaki Beach and because it was late in the afternoon and we did not have time to investigate how to get there, we asked the receptionist to call a taxi.

According to this taxi driver, usually they have a lot of rain in January and in February, but they did not have it so much this year.

Usually their rainy season starts around the Golden Week  (from the end of Apr. to early May when there are many national holidays in Japan), and the best season to have holiday in Ishigaki Island is in June when the rainy season ends and not to many people visit, he said.

He also said that this year the bougainvilleas were blooming gorgeously, more than usual.

When we arrived at Fusaki Beach, we realised that it was a private beach of a hotel, Fusaki Resort, but people who were not staying there could use their facilities.

It was already towards the end of the day, so we rented the parasol and the chairs for the half price which was 750 yen (about £5 or €5.80 ).

The sand was rather rough, not like Kondoi Beach on Taketomi Island, so I went into the sea with my sandals on.

The water was not cold at all!

It was very nice and pleasant in the sea.

This year we were so lucky that we could have a swim in the beautiful sea already twice, in January and in April.

After having fun in the sea, we had a rest on the deckchairs for a while.

I noticed a man near us, with tattoos all over his body and he talked on his mobile many times.

“They call me from pay phones, so I cannot contact them….” — it sounded like a scene in a crime novel.

On the other side, I noticed two women who were covered from top to bottom so that they did not get sunburn.

I wondered why they were there.

In France, they have banned burkini, the swimwear for Muslim women, so if it had been in France, those two women could have been fined.

The time passed and the sun was getting lower and people were moving away from the beach.

Our guide book says that Fusaki Beach is a good spot to see the sunset, so after changing clothes, we stayed on to see it.

It was worth waiting.

The sunset was very beautiful.