Exotic Vietnam

Exotic Vietnam

[ Jan.2015 ] Once we went out of the international hotel, it was exotic Vietnam.

On the first day, we were surprised at small things, such as the conical hat.

I have seen them in some pictures, but I had never thought these hats were used so commonly.

But in fact I remember I saw them in China, too, long time ago.

Thinking about it, even in Japan, traditional pilgrims wear this kind of hat.

In Vietnam, some people were carrying things on the carrying pole.

The cows were crossing the road, and people were riding bicycles slowly with huge packs….

I was very excited as I have not experienced this kind of different culture for some time.

We moved as a group on that day by bus.

The sound of the horn of the bus was interesting, too.

It sounded like an echo.

People here use the horn very often.

We realised that the horn does not mean to tell people “Move away”, but it seemed that they just wanted to let others know that they were coming up.

So if the pedestrians hurry to move ro avoid the cars, it could be more dangerous.