Gorgeous wedding

Gorgeous wedding

[ July, 2014 ] I had an opportunity to attend a wedding in Italy.

This was my second experience of the Italian wedding.

The first one was held in an old stone church, which was aesthetic, but this time it was in the garden of a villa which used to be a mansion of an aristocrat.

There were deer in the garden.

The ceremony was held under the marquee for about one hour.

There was a scene for the couple to kiss, but the priest was rather reluctant saying ” this is like an American film, but…”, which was amusing.

After the ceremony, we ate and ate.

First, we had aperitif and starters in the garden, then we moved in the big room to eat two kinds of Primo (pastas) and fish dish.

Then we had a rest, moving out to the garden and had some sorbet.

After that we came back in and had the meat dish.

Then we moved to another room where all sorts of dessert was prepared.

There they had a cake cut, and we tried some sweets.

I could not manage to eat everything, but all foods were very good.

After eating, it was the dance time.

Italian people dance with the laten music.

It was a great event but we got back home after midnight, and I was very tired as you can imagine.