Noto Peninsula

Wajima Onsen


[ Mar.2016 ] On the first day in Noto Peninsula in Japan, we stayed in the ryokan (Japanese style hotel) called Yshio, which was booked by my family. The room had western style beds, which…


The hotel in Paraty


[ Jan.2016 ] When we arrived in Paraty in Brazil, it was already dark.We went straight to the hotel.During this tour, we stayed in many hotels and generally, they did not have any particular characters,…


Scottish beef


[ Nov.2015 ] On the day we visited Edinburgh with our friends, we stayed in a hotel called Edinburgh Capital Hotel in the suburbs of the city.Although we ate big lunch, we had a big…


Hotel in Como


[ Oct.2015 ] The last destination of our family holiday in Italy in autumn was Como. We stayed in the town for two nights. The name of the hotel was Hotel Metropole Suisse which was…

Amalfi Coast

Hotel in Sorrento


[ Oct.2015 ] Our family holiday in Italy continues.We flew from Venice to Naples and stayed in Sorrento.The hotel was called Grand Hotel De La Ville, which was located about 10 minutes walk from the…


The lift incident


[ Oct.2015 ] This is a photo of our room in the hotel we stayed in Venice.The name of the hotel was Relais Piazza San Marco.The location was excellent and the interior was nice.As for…


The view from the hotel room


[ Oct.2015 ] My family came from Japan to Italy.We joined them and had a family holiday in Italy this autumn.First, we stayed in Milan.The hotel was Michelangelo Hotel which was a tall building very…


The last thing was vodka


[ Oct.2015 ] In the evening of the last day of our stay in Gdansk in Poland, we had a light supper at the hotel and vodka after that.There was a set of three trial…


Hotel with the best location


[ Aug.2015 ] We stayed in the Steinberger Hotel de Saxe in Dresden, Germany.It is standing in the Neimarkt square, which is the centre of the old town and we could see the Frauenkirche from…

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