Great fun in the indoor swimming pool

[ Sept.2016 ] The last event we had during our stay in Japan this time was the overnight visit in Kamogawa in Chiba prefecture. The hotel we stayed at was called the ‘Kamogawa Spa Hotel…


A room with the view

[ Aug.2016 ] In Niigata City in Japan, we stayed in Hotel Nikko Niigata. It is in Toki Messe where we could walk from the Niigata Port after arriving from Sado Island. While we were…


Feeling as if we lived there

[ Aug.2016 ] The hotel we stayed at in Warsaw after coming back from Gdansk was called Residence St. Andrews Palace. I did not know until we got there, but it was not exactly a…


To Poland

This summer, my mum came and stay with us in Europe to avoid the unbearable heat in Japan. And we had a short holiday together in Poland.


To Riga

[ July2016 ] We had a short holiday in Riga in Latvia, one of the three Baltic countries. This was one of the places I always wanted to go, but there was a reason why …


Hotel where Napoleon’s army was stationed

[ Jun.2016 ] When we had a short holiday in Veneto in north Italy, we stayed one night at a hotel called Ca’Sette which was in the suburbs of Bassano del Grappa. This property was…


The accommodation in Cicmany

[ May2016 ] On the day when we went to the pretty village, Cicmany in Slovakia, we stayed in Penzione Jaborina. We wasted one night in the hotel of Bratislava, but…


Perfect hotel

[ May2016 ] The hotel we stayed in Bratislava in Slovakia was called Marrol’s Boutique Hotel. It was a perfect hotel which we have …