Accessory of leaves

Accessory of leaves

[ Mar.2013] I found this accessory in the main street in Alberobello, southern Italy.

These are real leaves and gold and silver are on top of it to make it solid.

The name of the shop is Trulli D’Argento.

The father and the son have a shop each in the street.

This leaf accessory is made by the son and the father is selling bigger, more elaborate necklaces.

I am always attracted to this kind of local handmade products.

This street is full of souvenir shops.

The box of a souvenir my family bought said ‘made in China’.

There is a shop with a Japanese person, too.

Although this Japanese shop seems famous in Japan, because she pushed a bit too much, I did feel comfortable, so I did not get in.

Tourist destinations always have a lot of souvenir shops.

I want to choose the ones which are run by local people and selling local products, even though they look small and simple.