This is the notorious cruise ship

This is the notorious cruise ship


2012] When you are absorbed the beauty of sea view with gondolas in Venice, the elephantine cruise ship comes into your sight.

These ships are the subject of the main dispute in Venice.

I do not know when these ships started anchoring in Venice, but last time I was here about 9 years ago, I don't think I saw one.

According to the local media, in the last 15 years the number has increased more than 3 times, so in the past it was rare to see one.

Now as many as 30000 people come from the ships per day.

For the people who opposed to the ships, they are not only mar the beauty of the scenery, but damage the environmental balance of Venice, which is already old and fragile.

On the other hand, people like my gondolier who said ' those who do not like the ships being in Venice are super rich communists' point out their economical benefit.

Apparently, a ship pays 150000 euros each time when they stop at the port and create 3000 employment in Venice.